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  • Anko

    9.7 8.0 Kotlin
    DSL for Android written in Kotlin by JetBrains.
  • Kotterknife

    7.7 2.0 Kotlin
    Android view injection writen in Kotlin based on ButterKnife
  • Kotgo

    7.2 2.0 Kotlin
    An android development framework on kotlin using MVP architecture.
  • SlimAdapter

    6.0 1.6 Java
    A slim & clean & typeable Adapter withoooooooout# VIEWHOLDER
  • Debug Bottle

    5.5 0.7 Kotlin
    Debug Bottle is an Android runtime debug / develop tools written using kotlin language.
  • KAndroid

    5.4 6.2 Kotlin
    Lightweight library providing useful extensions to eliminate boilerplate code in Android SDK.
  • JsonToKotlinClass

    4.8 8.1 Kotlin
    Plugin for Android Studio And IntelliJ Idea to generate Kotlin data class code from JSON text ( Json to Kotlin )
  • LastAdapter

    4.7 2.5 Kotlin
    Don't write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!
  • Time

    4.3 5.5 Kotlin
    Type-safe time calculations in Kotlin, powered by generics.
  • CodeView

    4.2 5.0 Kotlin
    Show code content with syntax highlighting in native way.
  • Youtube UI/UX Animation

    4.1 7.7 Kotlin
    With MVVM Architecture pattern using Android Architecture Components This is a sample app demonstrating Youtube player animation using constraint layout
  • Navigation Toolbar for Android

    3.5 9.1 Kotlin
    Navigation toolbar is a slide-modeled UI navigation controller made by @Ramotion
  • MaterialTimelineView

    3.4 5.4 Kotlin
    With MaterialTimelineView you can easily create a material looking timeline.
  • Android Kotlin Samples

    3.3 5.2 Kotlin
    Some basic Android code samples writen in Kotlin.
  • Theatre

    3.2 7.1 Kotlin
    Pet project using Clean Architecture + MVVM + Reactive Extensions + Android Architecture Components. The data is fetched from LondonTheatreDirect API. 🎭
  • Literally Toast

    2.4 4.9 Kotlin
    🍞 A toast library for Android.
  • LastPagerAdapter

    2.3 0.0 Kotlin
    👊 Ditch those long ViewPager Adapters you hate writing!
  • Ferris Wheel View

    1.8 7.7 Kotlin
    Simple android library to present an animated ferris wheel
  • Kotlin Example

    1.6 0.7 Kotlin
    An example for who are all going to start learning Kotlin programming language to develop Android application.
  • Kotlin-AgendaCalendarView

    1.4 4.8 Kotlin
    CalendarView widget (Outlook)
  • JSONToKotlinClass

    1.4 4.9 Java
    Android Studio plugin for generating Kotlin data classes from JSON
  • EasyCrypt

    1.3 5.9 Kotlin
    Android cryptography library with SecureRandom patches.
  • RxValidationTextInputLayout

    1.1 5.1 Kotlin
    The easiest way to bring validation to your project
  • Android Draw

    1.1 7.0 Kotlin
    A drawing view for your android application.
  • NoiseView

    1.1 5.2 Kotlin
    Android library written in kotlin that add noise effect to image.
  • RxKotlin/Pocket

    1.0 0.0 Kotlin
    This app help user to save links easily, and can export to Evernote as weekly.
  • fusion

    1.0 6.6 Kotlin
    An Easy-to-use Kotlin based Customizable Modules Collection with Material Layouts by BlackBeared.
  • Episodie

    1.0 8.9 Kotlin
    Episodie is TV show time tracker app with unusual design written in kotlin and clean architecture approach. Get to know how much time you spent watching tv shows.
  • KPreferences

    0.8 0.2 Kotlin
    A Kotlin library for reactive and boilerplate-free SharedPreferences in Android
  • pin-edittext

    0.7 5.1 Kotlin
    An extension of EditText with pin style written in Kotlin