Library providing a Kotlin DSL with extensions and ease of use functions for the Java Units of Measurement libraries.

Programming language: Kotlin
License: MIT License
Tags: Kotlin     Sensor     Sensors     Library     Data    

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Physikal  License Matrix

Physikal is a Kotlin units of measurement, physical computing, and dimension analysis library. Currently just extensions for Java units of measurement but we are planning for a Kotlin multiplatform rewrite.


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Create units

    val small = 10.metre

    val large = 10.kilo.metre

Includes all operators

    val added = 10.metre + 1.kilo.metre
    >> 1010.0 m

    val speed = added/10.minute 
    >> 101 m/min

    var aFewSeconds = 5.second
    >> 6.0 s

    10.peta.watt > 2.watt
    >> true

    5.gram <= 20.kilo.gram
    >> true

    >> 10.0 nm

    ## The operator '==' does not always work reliably for quantities;
    ## the function qeq() should be used instead.
    1.kilo.gram == 1000.gram
    >> false

    1.kilo.gram qeq 1000.gram
    >> true

Using different units (SI units & other units)

    5.gram + 2.pound
    >> 912.18474 g

    (13.kilo.gram + 20.pound) convertTo STONE
    >> 3.47572100600243466674378 st

Future updates

Currently all quantities are reference types, so heavy usage of this library will involve some level of extraneous allocation and GC. Hopefully we can resolve this issue when / if Kotlin inline classes are expanded to support multiple properties.

Special thanks

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Physikal README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.